Comprehensive accounting = full control

Below please find a range of activities to perform our office for clients required to maintain full accounting.

  • Registry entries in the books of account on the basis of the documents received in accordance with applicable law
  • Checking in terms of accounting and tax documents issued by the Client
  • Accounting for business trips (along with diets and records the course of the car)
  • Preparing and sending confirmation of balances
  • Keeping VAT records
  • Records of fixed assets and intangible assets
  • Preparation of VAT declarations
  • Submission of any tax declatrations on your behalf (by proxy)
  • Preparetion a chart of accounts with the accounting policy
  • Update your company’s data and registration in the Tax Office and in Social Insurance Institution
  • Registration Company in Court
  • Preparing relevant resolutions and decisions
  • We represent the client during the inspection of the Tax Office and the Social Insurance Institution
  • We ensure telephone, email and personal support for ongoing customer accounting

For specific inquiries about our services please contact us by phone, e-mail or via the contact tab.